Unlocking untapped potential by using the power of innovation

With an unwavering commitment to tackling complex technological barriers and addressing the urgent social needs of our time, we help companies embark on transformative and innovative projects that yield impactful results that redefine the boundaries of possibility.

Uniting businesses and society for sustainable growth through collaborative projects

Our multidisciplinary team is at the forefront of forging groundbreaking solutions that not only meet the technological and business needs of today but also lay the foundation for a safer and more sustainable future.

Leveraging the power of stakeholders' co-creation to facilitate evidence-based and well-informed decision-making

Inclusive events to gather insights from stakeholders to understand their needs, expectations, and concerns and enable us to make informed decisions, develop aligned strategies, and make policy recommendations.

Promoting reskilling and upskilling for quality green and digital jobs through advanced digital training.

Programmes are carefully planned to support at-risk groups in acquiring the skills needed for high-quality jobs in the fields of green and digital transition.

Revolutionising our society to be greener and healthier!

HOLOSS is a global innovator committed to making our society greener and healthier by investigating the complex relationship between the environment and human health, as well as how this relationship is being impacted by human activity itself. To achieve it, we develop solutions that strike the right balance between healthy and sustainable demands in order to provide our clients with a competitive edge by delivering cutting-edge cross-sector knowledge.
The goal is to assist our clients in overcoming their most complex, strategic, and operational challenges to encourage greater take-up of emerging human and environmental health-friendly technologies and services along a safe and sustainable pathway.


To radically enhance human and environmental health by better comprehending how they are interrelated to impact society’s adoption of safe and sustainable consumption behaviours.


To deliver cutting-edge research and education services that are based on the application of environmental, social, economic, and health sciences.


A professional and culturally rich teamwork devoted to excellence and continuous learning, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, or other differences.

Unleashing a transformative ripple effect that resonates deeply within every corner of society.

HOLOSS works to raise awareness of the numerous societal benefits that arise from embracing sustainability, the circular economy, and safe and sustainable by design actions that promote human and environmental health. HOLOSS seeks to ignite a sense of inspiration while encouraging individuals and communities to adopt these actions by using an inclusive and friendly communication language to describe real-life examples and success stories. Accordingly, tangible evidence is generated to aid policymakers in formulating policies. Our objective is to establish a ripple effect that spreads across society.

Capturing success in 15+ countries worldwide

The exceptional market expansion of the company is seen in its successful exportation of cutting-edge solutions and unparalleled expertise to over 15 European Union countries, as well as capturing locations such as Lebanon, Tunisia, Israel, and even the vast landscapes of China. We embark on transformative projects that foster synergistic partnerships with innovative companies, pioneering research centres, prestigious academic institutions, among others.

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