Main industrial sectors:
Agri-food manufacturing, Pharmaceutical manufacturing, Robotic process automation in Manufacturing
Project: ONE4ALL – Agile and modular cyber-physical technologies supported by data-driven digital tools to reinforce manufacturing resilience
Start: 01/01/2023 End: 31/12/2026
Project website:
Geographical coverage area:
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe programme under Grant Agreement No. 101070556

DESCRIPTION: Industry 5.0 (I5.0) provides a base for people working with robots and smart machines, leveraging advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and maximising social impacts. The EU-funded ONE4ALL project will support and encourage the transformation of manufacturing plants, especially SMEs, towards I5.0 to increase their resilience under unexpected changes in social needs. The project will employ a human- and sustainability-centred approach to develop plug-and-produce reconfigurable cyber-physical production modules; these will consist of self-reconfigurable mobile collaborative robots embedded with industrial IoT devices for real-time monitorisation and interconnectivity. The project will also implement an adaptive training programme for digital upskilling to prepare the workforce for the I5.0 transformation and fully exploit the potential of the technologies.

Life cycle sustainability assessment (environmental impacts, economic performance, and social dimensions)
Pseudocode generation
Sustainability tool
Optimisation and mapping of the resource consumption
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