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Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment (LCSA)

Product, process, and service development knowledge is linked with data science and tools to estimate indicators of sustainability like as carbon and water footprints using LCSA (ISO14040 & 14044)

Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

GIS enriches HOLOSS’s datasets on resources and ecosystems to create spatial data that can be used to estimate sustainable measures like carbon and water footprints using LCSA (ISO14040 and 14044)

Material Flow Analysis (MFA) and Management

Characterisation and optimisation of consumption and waste material flows for generating valuable insights to support the Circular Economy and industrial symbiosis-related industrial processes

Modelling and Simulation-based LCSA

Modelling and simulation of industrial processes to assist with the creation of life cycle inventories and to reveal the implications of potential solutions before to implementing any one of them

Health and Sustainability Assessments

Developing and applying comprehensive integrated approach for impact assessment of safe and sustainable chemicals and materials throughout their entire life cycle to give value to stakeholders

Ecotoxicological Assessment and Monitoring

Conducting exhaustive studies and evaluating the toxicity hazards and the environmental fate of hazardous substances to report their potential impacts and risks to human and environmental health

Health, Performance and Wellbeing

Effective wellbeing programmes and monitoring for empowering individuals and groups to make informed choices and adopt a healthy lifestyle that promotes overall wellbeing and long-term health

Economic, Market analysis and Business Models

Market dynamics and producer and consumer behaviours to make informed decisions, create circular business models and understand the pros and cons of adopting digital product passport system

International Relations, Policy Recommendations

Analysis and ranking of policy options based on how they affect human and environmental health, how much they cost, and how easy they are to implement Interactions between sovereign states

Stakeholders’ Engagement and Citizen’s Awareness

HOLOSS keeps key players, including industries, policy authorities, and the general public, informed on technology advancements through face-to-face and online events, email campaigns, etc

Gender and Ethics for Social Inclusion and Equality

HOLOSS offers guidance and support on gender and ethics concerns. It serves as an “Ethics Mentor” and organises workshops offering valuable insights and aid to Research and Innovation Projects

Education, Awareness and Training

Users get access to a wide variety of in-house high-quality resources and tools covering a wide range of topics, including corporate strategy, marketing, and energy and resource efficiency, etc.


Our track record of generating innovative ideas and our commitment to capacity-building efforts have positioned us as a key partner to secure project proposals within the European Union’s prestigious funding programme for research and innovation, such as Horizon Europe. With our ability to think outside the box, we continuously join and coordinate projects. Trust us to bring a fresh perspective and a unique approach to every project we undertake

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